Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


1. How do you charge for the junk removal?

Usually, many companies charge their clients on different factors such as volume occupied in the truck, location to haul, fuel expenses, and disposal labor. We find it very upsetting for our clients. Therefore, we quote them flat charges that include everything. You can contact us and get a free estimate now.

2. How to get a junk removal quotation?

Our procedure to provide price estimation and quote for the services is simple. You can also get a free quote once we arrive at your location. If you prefer to give an estimate before you schedule your appointment for junk removal, you can call us for it.

 3. Do we haul away every type of junk?

Yes, our team has prior experience, modern equipment, and hands-on expertise in removing different types of junk from residences or commercial property. But, we do not haul any biohazardous items or substances such as chemicals, oils, gasoline, and propane. We genuinely care for your safety, and we solely junk non-hazardous junk.

4. What makes us different from our competitors?

We have a professional and licensed team of haulers and removers. Our company aims to provide a safe and healthier working environment for our customers and employees. We always ensure that our expert professional reaches your place for any junk removal job.

5. Do I need to help you with junk removal?

Certainly not! We take care of removing everything without creating any problem for you. You can merely count on us to handle the stuff. We are a responsible company and reach attend to you on time. You always have peace of mind while working with us.

6. Is your service only available for residential properties only?

Majunk currently offers a wide range of cleaning and junk removal services to residential and commercial properties. Currently, we are only serving Washington DC’s central city and neighborhoods. We work with many commercial property owners to remove and clean their places.

7. Do you charge differently for different services?

Every service requires a unique set of equipment and a different number of junk removal professionals. Therefore, the service charges may vary from place to place. But, you can call us and give us an estimate about the size of the junk. And our experts will quote you while on the call.

8. Can you haul away junk in bulk?

Yes, we are now fully operating with modern trucks and experience junk removers that can easily haul away bulk junk from your home or office space within no time. You never need to hire anyone other than us. Because we completely clean the junk area, not leaving a single piece of debris.

9. How can I contact you?

You can also contact us through our website by filling out the contact form. The best approach would be to call us in person to get a free quotation if you provide us with the correct information. Then, there will be no changes in our charges. We also offer emergency junk removal services without additional service charges.

10. Is your company licensed to remove junk?

Yes, MaJunk Removal & Cleaning Service is a licensed company with modern equipment. We always use safety equipment while cleaning your space. Our team always take safety seriously. You can completely count on us for the safe removal of junk from your area.

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